Loading track for scooter or motor

Loading your scooter or motorbike into your RV, requires a considerable effort.

With the Pollicino loading track, this problem has been solved! Your scooter or motor is easily loaded into your motorhome garage with the Pollicino loading track. The loading track allows you to manually or electronically pull one scooter or motor in the Motorhome garage with a weight of up to 160KG depending on the loading track version.

The installation of the Pollicino is very simple and the removable clamps do not take up unnecessary space when not needed.


When using the POLLICINO MOTO MANUAL of ELECTRIC, put the front wheel of your scooter or motor on the wheel clamp and fasten it.

Especially with heavier scooters or motorbikes it is advisable to use a ramp. which is also available at Pollicino.

Once the front wheel is in the wheel clamp, push the scooter or motor inside (manual version), or let the Pollicino do everything completely automatically. (Electronic motorized version.)

ELECTRIC BIKE (Motorized version)

MOTO Manual (Manual version)

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FeaturesManual MotoElectric Moto
Mounting locationMotorhome garageMotorhome garage
Mounting sideright or left sideright or left side
Rail length200cm or 190cm200cm or 190cm
OperationManualElectric, with remote control
CompatibilityScooter or motorcycleScooter or motorcycle
Load capacity1 Scooter or motorcycle1 Scooter or motorcycle
Maximum loading weight160KG160KG
Wheel size compatibility8 - 21 inch8 - 21 inch
Detachable wheel clamps
Consumptiionnot applicable6A - 12V
Fully ready for installation