Motorhome Garage Loading track

Your two-wheeler in your motorhome garage

With the Pollicino loading track, you can easily load your bike (s), E-Bike (s), scooter or motorbike into your motorhome garage.

The Pollicino is available for your bike or e-bike, your scooter or motorbike.

  • Bike SPEED: A loading track for a maximum of 2 bikes or e-bikes
  • ELECTRIC Bike: A motorized loading track for up to 2 bicycles or e-bikes
  • MANUAL MOTO: A loading track for 1 scooter or motor
  • ELECTRIC MOTO: A motorized loading track for 1 scooter or motor.
Pollicino actie
Excellent Quality

The Pollicino products are made for years of use. High-quality engines and chains are used and the best lightweight aluminium materials.


Weight is always an issue at motorhomes. With the Pollicino this is not a problem. A manual version of the Pollicino rail is only 12KG and a motorized version only 16KG. With the Pollicino This is not a problem.


Your Pollicino wheel clamp is fully universal to set up for your bike, scooter or motorbike. Of course this is easy to change afterwards or in between.

Easy installation

The Pollicino is so developed that it can be easily installed by anyone. An installation of the rail in an empty garage takes less than 30 minutes!

No space loss

The rail is mounted in your motorhome garage. When you don’t need the Pollicino, simply unmount the wheel clamp and your garage is fully available.

Complete at once

All Pollicino products are delivered ready for installation No adapters or mounting brackets are needed anymore.



FeaturesBIKE SPEEDElectric BikeManual MotoElectric Moto
Mounting locationMotorhome garageMotorhome garageMotorhome garageMotorhome garage
Mounting sideright or left sideright or left sideright or left sideright or left side
Rail length200cm or 190cm200cm or 190cm200cm or 190cm200cm or 190cm
OperationManualElectric, with remote controlManualElectric, with remote control
CompatibilityBicycle and / or E-bikeBicycle and / or E-bikeScooter or motorcycleScooter or motorcycle
Load capacity2 bicycles or E-bikes2 bicycles or E-bikes1 Scooter or motorcycle1 Scooter or motorcycle
Maximum loading weight160KG160KG160KG160KG
Wheel size compatibility8 - 29 inch8 - 29 inch8 - 21 inch8 - 21 inch
Detachable wheel clamps
Consumptiionnot applicable6A - 12Vnot applicable6A - 12V
Fully ready for installation